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Foot Health Week!

It’s Foot Health Week and this year the theme is ‘Get back on track – fit feet for a better you’.

Good foot health is fundamental to your overall health and wellbeing; and ensuring you can keep doing the things you love.  Think about it.  How is your gait (your manner of walking) affected if you have an ingrown toe? Do you notice sore hips or are you ‘walking funny’ because of ill fitting shoes? Have you skipped your weekly bowls game as a result? If you don’t look after your feet, this can lead to a variety of completely avoidable health issues.

We’ve asked our team of mobile podiatrists to offer their top tips to maintaining good foot health, and here’s what they had to say:

1. Have your feet measured regularly

The bones in your feet change with age, so it is really important to have your feet measured properly.  While you may not change shoe size, changes to your bone structure with age means that you may need shoe modifications; like inserts under your arch, toe or heel.  By having your feet measured regularly, you are able to keep afoot of any changes (yes, pun intended).

2. Wear the correct shoes!

Only one in three Australians have received advice on correct footwear.  Does this mean two thirds of us are wearing the wrong type?  Ask your a podiatrist for a footwear assessment.  Most of us have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail; is this due to ill-fitting shoes? Even if this shoe fits – you don’t have to wear it!  Wearing the wrong type of shoe, such as ones that does not allow for inserts, can increase your falls risk; and that is a rabbit hole you do not want to go down.

3. Exercises for your feet

When was the last time you stretched?  Now, when was the last time you stretched your feet? A podiatrist can provide you specific stretching exercises to you and your feet.  Strengthening and regular stretching of the muscles in your feet can help decrease the risk of ankle pain, stress fractures, and ball-of-foot pain.  Keep as active as you can, and give your feet the love and attention they deserve.

So what can a podiatrist help with?

  • Provide stretching exercises specific to you and your feet
  • Regular foot measurement to gauge any changes over time
  • Footwear assessment
  • Toenail cutting + cleaning
  • Treatment of ulcers

Do you need a podiatrist?

If you answer YES to one or more of the following, your feet may not be as healthy as you think. This means you may benefit from seeing a podiatrist:

  • Do your feet hurt in certain places when you walk?
  • Have you altered how you walk to accommodate foot pain?
  • Do have have sore feet? Ankles? Knees? Hips?
  • Find that your shoes are not fitting properly?
  • Can you still clip your toenails on your own?
  • Are your toenails thickening and discoloured?

Get in touch if you would like a healthy feet check by a mobile podiatrist from Mobile Rehab.  Our podiatrists will come to you, in the comfort of your own home.

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