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How an Occupational Therapist can help!

Do you know how an Occupational Therapist can help you, in your own home?

Occupational Therapists can visit you in your own home to help support you to engage in your daily activities and activities (or ‘occupations’) that you find meaningful.  Occupational therapists can work on the following to ensure you can participate in the occupations you need and want to do:


– Day to Day Living

Activities or ‘occupations’ shape a person’s day, as well as bringing meaning to their life. Occupations can be categorised into activities of daily living, leisure, self-care and productivity.  This can include: 

  • walking, playing sport, knitting
  • showering, cooking, shaving, applying make up
  • parenting, volunteering, employment

A great example of this is a daily walk to the letterbox.  It might be a simple task for some, but it may be a big effort for others. If this daily walk is something that is enjoyed, then an occupational therapist will work with you on the continuation of this activity as a priority.


– Equipment + Aids

Equipment or assistive devices can be prescribed to aid in carrying out activities safely and with ease despite injury/illness or disability.  For example: that walk to the letterbox you enjoy may now require an outdoor wheelie walker.  This means you can carry the mail safely, as opposed to carrying it while using a walking stick or frame.  

– Rehabilitation and Recovery

An occupational therapist can help with the recovery process to help people regain as much independence as possible.  This may include limb therapy to maintain function and increase independence for people that have suffered a stroke, so you can continue to collect your own mail!


– Home Modifications

Modifications/adjustments can be made to your home to maintain daily activities, such as that walk to the letterbox.  This can include an installation of a grab rail at the front door to help step outside, or even a ramp at the front door to provide wheelie walker access. Occupational therapist’s are skilled in making these recommendations as well as finding the best fit for each individual.

– Referral to Other Services

An occupational therapist can help assess how you are coping at home.  This may result in referring you to other services for: showering, cleaning and home help, outdoor maintenance (such as fixing the path to the letterbox) or even organise for a healthcare worker to be available to provide transport to travel down to the shopping centre. 


So how do you know if you would benefit from an Occupational Therapist visit to your home?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following, then it is possible you would!

Do you have:

  • difficulty doing everyday things that used to be easy?
  • trouble moving safely to the bathroom?
  • some challenges remembering appointments?
  • discomfort with your hands stiffening?

To find out how a Mobile Rehab Occupational Therapist can help you in your own home, or to book an appointment, get in touch!

For more general information on Occupational Therapy, watch this video released by Occupational Therapy Australia as part of OT Week 2019.

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