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Mobile Rehab celebrates Exercise Right Week!

Mobile Rehab celebrates Exercise Right Week each year.  We do this by highlighting how powerful exercise, physical activity and movement are for your physical and mental health.  Our Exercise Physiologists lead the way by promoting the role of exercise for our health and wellbeing. This year the theme is ‘Movement is Medicine’.

Our exercise physiologists have taken over our Instagram account during Exercise Right Week.  Here they will showcase the exercise and activity they do with their clients.  Each client has their own tailored program, to ensure each prescribed exercise assists with specific health goals.

Mobile Rehab Exercise Physiologists are passionate about their roles.  They are readily available to provide you and your loved ones with expert advice for your individual needs.  In other words, they will work alongside you to design and deliver safer, more effective exercise programs for you; no matter what your current fitness level.

Exercise is for everyone!

Jump over to the Mobile Rehab Instagram page and follow how our exercise physiologists work with clients across this week.

To kick start Exercise Right Week, our exercise physiologists posted a photo of one of our clients doing some boxing exercises. He only started boxing a few months ago with the guidance of Erin.  However, he is already managing to complete 100 punches in a session!  Not only are these boxing exercises challenging his endurance, but it’s also challenging his balance, upper body strength and hand-eye coordination. The best part of this? He LOVES doing it and enjoys engaging in this form of exercise to manage his physical and mental health.

Exercise Right Week is promoted by Exercise + Sports Science Australia (ESSA) each year.

Want an exercise physiologist to come to you?

If you’d like a Mobile Rehab exercise physiologist to work alongside you, in your own home, get in touch.  Contact us on 1300 363 483 or complete the contact form here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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