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Mobile Rehab continues to provide home health services

Mobile Rehab continues to provide in-home allied health services face to face following the advice of the Australian Department of Health.

Maintaining your health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 health crisis is very important. Consistency with your health appointments and programs are vital to your long term health and well being.  This means your face to face health appointments can certainly continue however, telehealth options are also available for clients.

Mobile Rehab is well versed on infection control, hand hygiene and community health practices, having worked in the aged care and community allied health for more than 24 years.  We’re still visiting clients in their own homes, strictly following all current guidelines.  Your health is always our priority.  At Mobile Rehab, we’re taking all necessary precautions to ensure our clients are safe, helping to protect their long term health and well being.


Information Sheet – It’s ok to have home care!

You can download a copy of the Department of Health consumer information sheet which has been recently released.  This sheet provides information for those having home care visits during this time.  Below is a summary of the key messages from this information sheet:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer advises the following:

  • Clinicians are not required to use PPE most of the time (such as masks, gloves, aprons, gowns, protective eyewear)
  • PPE must be worn when you / the client:
    • has been diagnosed with COVID-19
    • is suspected as having COVID-19
    • displays symptoms of COVID-19

Health care workers are following the best medical advice to protect you.

Any health care worker displaying symptoms of COVID-19 is not allowed to work.


Protecting yourself against coronavirus (COVID-19)

The best defence against coronavirus is good hygiene!

  • cough / sneeze into your elbow or tissue (dispose of tissues immediately into a rubbish bin and wash your hands)
  • wash your hands often with soap and water (after every toilet trip, and when you return from being out of the house)
  • cleaning and disinfecting frequently used surfaces and objects
  • use alcohol-based sanitisers (60% alcohol) where available
  • stay at home as much as possible + avoid physical contact with others (with the exception of assistance or care)
  • avoid all non-essential travel
  • ask your chemist to deliver your medicines
  • have your groceries delivered
  • keep a 1.5 metre distance (2 arms’ lengths) between you and others when you can

Download a copy of the information sheet from the Department of Health website.  To find out more about COVID-19 please phone the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 or go to


So how are Mobile Rehab helping?

Your safety is of paramount importance to Mobile Rehab.

  • our employees are complying with government recommendations and our strict infection control policies; this includes vigilant handwashing
  • delivery of services one-to-one, in the home environment, presents a lower infection risk than accessing services in clinic and hospital settings
  • we are pleased to offer an expanded array of  Telehealth services (please ask your clinician for details)


How you can help?

Please help us maximise your safety and the safety of all our clients by calling our office on 1300 363 483 or advising our visiting clinician BEFORE they enter your home, if you or anyone in your household

  • has been instructed, by a health official, to self-isolate, or
  • is unwell or develops flu-like symptoms.

The health and wellness of our clients and employees is Mobile Rehab’s number one priority – stay safe, stay well!


If you’d like to find out more about Mobile Rehab’s in-home services, contact us on 1300 363 483 or complete the contact form here.



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