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Remedial Massage Therapy is back!

Remedial massage therapy has returned to the list of therapies available in Queensland during COVID-19 restrictions.

Mobile Rehab has recommenced the delivery of remedial massage therapy to clients, both new and existing. These appointments will be conducted in your own homes and strictly following all current guidelines.   Your health is always our priority.  We’re taking all necessary precautions to ensure our clients are safe, helping to protect long term health and well being.

Maintaining your health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 health crisis is very important. Consistency with your health appointments and programs are vital to your long term health and well being.

The Mobile Rehab remedial massage therapists are fully qualified to provide massage therapy for the management or prevention of a disease, injury or a condition as outlined by the Queensland Health Department.   Remedial massage is often used to target pain management.  This could be pain caused by bad posture, arthritis or through a fall, regular headaches or migraines.  Likewise, remedial massage is used for the prevention of injury.  A remedial massage can improve joint range of motion, and assist with mobility by helping to reduce muscle tension.

Remedial massage can be claimed through eligible private health funds.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a massage, or to book an appointment, get in touch with our client services team on 1300 363 483 or via this online contact form.



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