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Staying healthy at Christmas; Tip #1

Staying healthy at Christmas time can be tricky.  Mobile Rehab is releasing a series of health tips in the lead up to the festive season to help you set good habits and carry them through to the new year. 

Tip #1 – Just keep moving!

Just keep moving – it sounds simple, and when you put in a little effort, it actually is!  Whether you can run a marathon or you’re limited in your mobility, just keep moving what you can, and when you can.  Incidental exercise is a great way to keep moving. This means that you incorporate exercise into things you do every day in a way that you hardly notice. 

Some great examples of incidental exercise to help you stay healthy at Christmas include:

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator
  • During TV ad breaks, doing some arm and leg exercises
  • When waiting for the kettle to boil, hold onto the bench stretch up onto your ‘tippy toes’ and hold for a few seconds.  Repeat a few times.
  • Do what you can (and what you enjoy) and do it often!

If you would like support with exercise, Mobile Rehab health professionals can assist you.  For more information, call Mobile Rehab on 1300 363 483

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