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Staying healthy at Christmas; Tip #2

Look after your feet this Christmas! Priorities at Christmas do not usually include staying healthy. Mobile Rehab is providing a series of tips in the lead up to the festive season to help you set good habits and carry them through to the new year.

Tip #2 – Look after your feet!

Your feet are key to being able to your mobility; they help keep you active and being mobile means independence.   It’s a tall order, but foot health can help you get the most of your day, every day.

Our top tip for looking after your feet is to have your feet measured regularly!  

  • Did you know that your bone structure changes with age?  You may not necessarily change a whole shoe size, but it does mean that your shoes may not fit you properly and could perhaps become a trip hazard
  • Foot mechanics play a large role in It is common for one foot to be slightly larger /longer than the other, so proper fitting shoes for each foot is a must
  • Wearing a comfortable shoe means you are more likely to put your shoes on and go and exercise
  • A change in foot structure can also mean that you may require extra support with your heels, arches or toes
  • Feet should be measured towards the end of the day or after exercise, when they can sometimes be slightly larger!  This means that you will get a more accurate measurement of your feet.
  • Your shoes should feel comfortable from the day you start wearing them; don;t wait to ‘break them in’ as this can cause blisters and other issues.

If you would like support with looking after your feet, a Mobile Rehab podiatrist can assist you.  For more information, call Mobile Rehab on 1300 363 483

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