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Telehealth service expanded

Mobile Rehab has expanded it’s range of telehealth services for clients.

Mobile Rehab has expanded it’s telehealth offering to increase treatment options for clients.  We are taking the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously and undertaking all the necessary precautions to minimise the risk to our clients, their families and caregivers, as well as our employees.  This means that in most cases, treatment and services from Mobile Rehab can continue in-home as usual. However, we understand that some clients may prefer to receive services via telehealth at this time.


What is telehealth?

Mobile Rehab offers a range of allied health services via telehealth.  This means that we can conduct your allied health appointment via the use of digital technologies, such as your mobile phones and computers and help you manage your health remotely.

Telehealth is a useful tool to use when you cannot physically attend a health appointment due to:

  • Self-isolating / quarantine
  • You or your healthcare provider are not physically able to attend your appointment
  • Geographic remoteness


What can a Mobile Rehab telehealth appointment offer?

Mobile Rehab will offer telehealth for some aspects of:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • exercise physiology, and
  • dietetics.

Will telehealth be suitable for you?

The suitability of telehealth will depend on the type of treatment we see you for. If you’re not sure if telehealth would be suitable for you, talk to your clinician or give our office a call to discuss if this is a suitable option for you.


What do you need in your home for telehealth to work effectively?

The software and hardware specifications for telehealth will vary depending on individual circumstances. However, as a guideline for a telehealth video appointment you will need the following:

  • a device to conduct the consultation, which may be a computer or tablet. This device will need a webcam and microphone 
  • speakers (or headphones) 
  • internet connection

The webcam, if separate to the device, should be positioned at the top of the screen, so that eye contact can be maintained.


What is the cost for a telehealth appointment?

There are no additional costs to you to have a telehealth appointment however, some funding types will not cover the cost of telehealth treatments. To check if your funding will cover telehealth services, contact the Mobile Rehab clients services team or your funder directly for more information.

Want to talk to us about setting up a telehealth appointment?

Continuity of care is important to our clients, and through the expansion of our services, we ensure your health care continues to be our priority.  To learn more about Mobile Rehab’s telehealth service contact our client services team on:

Ph 1300 363 483

[email protected]









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