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Why Mobile Rehab?

Education and training

Our professional development program is an industry leader and key reason people love working with us. A commitment to lifelong learning means we are constantly reviewing and updating learning opportunities - from all day Mobile Rehab conferences and graduate Think Tanks to our Saturni Progressio; the program is rich and varied.

Career pathways

At Mobile Rehab we love to grow leaders, managers, thinkers and do-ers!  We have a wide range of leadership and development opportunities and pathways available.


Our employment models reflect our flexible, contemporary workplace culture. We recognise that our staff have passions, hobbies, interests, families and commitments - we will also do our utmost to accommodate the whole employee! Our return to work program offers flexibility and support for those getting back into the swing of things.

Current Vacancies

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Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest

We offer a varied caseload based primarily in the community providing health and wellness services to address the needs of adults, paediatric and geriatric clients. 


The role is supported by a terrific support team - allowing our clinicians to concentrate on service delivery. 


Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Graduate program roles are suited to those who love working with community-based clients, enjoy innovative work environments and have great communication and collaboration skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


How do I apply for a position with Mobile Rehab?

To apply for a role simply click the apply now button and complete the online form.

Can I leave my details if there is no current vacancy listed?
Do I need to complete the form twice to apply for more than one position?
Can I apply before I graduate or am registered / accredited?

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