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We asked our client, Mrs Mary O'Neill why she chooses Mobile Rehab as her allied health care provider. Mrs O'Neill promptly invited us around for her family lunch to have a chat and explain why. This is what she and her son Rod had to say:

Mary O'Neill, 95, Client

"Sundays are family days. They always have been and I hope they always will be; it's a tradition we've always kept.

Family is very important to us, and I am thankful that I'm mobile enough at 95 to not only spend time with my great-grandchildren, but to delight in it.

I know that the team at Mobile Rehab work together and look after me as a person; not just treat my feet, hips, shoulders and knees.

It really does comfort me to know that I am in good hands."

"I'm grateful I have this time, and I am able to once again do the little things that make me happy, like putting clips in my hair!"

Mary O'Neill, 95, Client

Rod O'Neill, 65, Mary's Son

“Mum’s the glue that keeps us all together. We're lucky to have her and we know that the grandkids love it when Great Gran visits. She gives out lollies at a rate of knots, but we know they'd love her without the bribes!

Managing the needs of an older parent can be daunting - but it isn’t tricky for us at all. I keep  teasing my kids that they'll need to look after me at some point! We've got Mobile Rehab looking after Mum for a few different things, which is great, as now I know who I'll be telling my kids to book me in with later in life!

There were several factors in deciding on care for Mum; trust and being able to form a real relationship with the carers, having a team approach to Mum's health needs, AND having one point of contact if we needed to change appointments.

"Mobile Rehab's been around a long time, they know what they’re doing and they ticked all those boxes for us. The best thing is that Mum not only enjoys the visits, she looks forward to them."

Rod O'Neill, 65, Mary's Son

Jesse, Mary's Exercise Physiologist

"I always look forward to my visits with Mrs O'Neill. At 95 she's still got a lot of get up and go about her. While I enjoy helping Mrs O'Neill with specific exercise needs, working with other Mobile Rehab health professionals means that I know she is getting a total health care approach from all of us.

Think of it this way - our clients are at the very centre of our care, and being the one organisation who provides this care, the communication flow within our health team is seamless; we're not chasing up reports from other organisations and we have a complete understanding of their overall health goals.

The perfect approach if you ask me."

What do you need? Let’s do it your way!

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